This, my premier album, is a collection of songs about love, loss and life’s inevitable comedies and tragedies, which in my mind, covers “Just About Everything”.In the unfulfilled quest for sonic perfection, I’ve come to think of these songs as akin to fine silk garments, with the slubs and imperfections being part of the beauty of the natural fabric. Now how’s that for spin?

I could not and would not have made this album without the support, love and encouragement of my very dear family, friends old and new, neighbors, workmates, and supporting cohorts. I am very lucky and thankful to have you all in my life.

I offer my deepest gratitude and respect to the musicians who appear on this recording as well as superb recording engineers Gary Jaffe, Daniel Lee, Derek Wille and Drew Doucette. Special thanks to Fred Cannon, Loralyn Coles, Ron Goad, Gary Jaffe, Siobhan Quinn, Mike Schreibman and Dulcie Taylor for their invaluable input, education, support and friendship, not to mention many laughs; Derek Wille for his generosity and inimitable brand of genius.